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Lake Havasu City, AZ


WindPower Wind Generator!


Build your own wind generator!

The time has come for a simpler design!
One that just about anyone can build and maintain with a few simple tools and materials from your local hardware store!


Build your own DryWasher!

Is it true that most of the undiscovered Gold is in the desert where water is too scarce to use conventional mining methods?
I believe the answer is Yes!

Lake Havasu, AZ

A Place to come to discuss the issues
that matter to you Lake Havasu!

Oh, have you seen the RioBrisa.com Boat on the Lake???
Take her picture, send it to us with your name, city and state and we'll send you a discount code for 10% off
on the purchase a WindPower or HavasuGold package!
Send info and picture to theboat@RioBrisa.com